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By March 9, 2016

The Oshi ++ was created for Affiliates who are confident in performing at the highest level. If you are here to make some serious bucks, this is definitely the choice for you. The short range of Tiers provides the highest earning potential within our affiliate program up at 55% Revenue Share.

Achieving 55% Revenue Share comes on the back of being consistently in Tier 3 for two months consecutively. As long as you stay in Tier 2 or above for 2 months in a row, the your following month will always be credited an Extra 5%, regardless of performance.

Once you are in the 55% Revenue Share zone, you can stay there for an unlimited amount of time, as long as you do not drop from Tier 3.

Tiers Revenue Share Net Revenue
1 25% Greater than: 0 BTC
2 45% Greater than: 8 BTC
3 50% Greater than: 12 BTC
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