Join Oshi Affiliates

5 easy steps…

Step 1: Register


Go to and register a standard user account. Finalise your registration by checking your personal inbox for a confirmation e­mail and ­you are ready to log in.

Registering usually takes less than a minute.

Screengrab 0 - Login

Step 2: Getting to the Affiliate Dashboard


Click on your username in the top right corner, followed by ‘My Accounts’ in the dropdown menu, this is your Dashboard Menu. ­Click on the ‘Affiliate’ tab on the left hand side, now you will be directed to your Affiliate Dashboard.

My Account to Affiliate Dashboard

Step 3: Creating Affiliate Links

create affiliate profile
Click on ‘Create Affiliate Profile’, then name your profile and create it. Click ‘Add Link’ to generate your Unique Referral code, which will allow us to track traffic referred from you to Oshi. Enter your websites URL in the ‘Name’ section and create your link.

affiliate link
If you have multiple websites with us, you can create multiple links under a single Affiliate Profile. Be sure your code is identical within the Banner’s URL, to ensure your traffic gets recognised.

Step 4: Banners and Commission

Screengrab 5 - Commission Location
You can find your current Commission Structure under your Affiliate Links (please contact our Affiliate Manager so he can allocate commission package you have agreed on).

Screengrab 6 - Banner Library

You can find the Banner Library directly under your Commission Display ­ feel free to scroll down and browse, or directly locate the size you are looking for by using our categories on the left hand side. To put our banners in action, use the URLs located under each one.

Step 5: Set commissions


After successfully creating your Affiliate Profile, contact one of our Affiliate Managers to set up your Custom Commission Pack. Email: