We aim to make your life as an Oshi Affiliate smooth and simple, please see a list of FAQ categories to help you with your mission:


Oshi allows you to register a simple player account followed by submitting multiple Affiliate sites under that single account. You will obtain a unique referral link as well as a code for each registered site, to keep track or your earnings and progress. See our video tutorial here, which guides you through the registration process from start to finish. You registering your Oshi account here.

We offer 25 different affiliate commission structures, but generally affiliates prefer a straight percentage revenue share i.e. 35% revenue share whether it’s 1 or 100 active customers.

Not only does Oshi present the Affiliate Program with the highest earning potential, but we are the first and only Bitcoin Casino to offer a glam-free, Un-Las Vegas iGaming experience. We prioritise simplicity of use for both players and affiliates to focus on what really matters.

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An affiliate is an individual or a company owner that promotes an operator’s gaming products or services.

An Affiliate Program is a partnership between an affiliate and an online gaming operator. The affiliate promotes and sends traffic to the online gaming operator by placing links on their website or through other mediums like mailers etc. The operator pays commission to the affiliate for any revenue generated by customers referred by the affiliate.

An operator is a portal that sells a gaming product or service. In the case of Oshi, our operator is the one and only Un-Las Vegas Bitcoin Casino.

There are no joining fees! Simply register a gaming account here, and create multiple Affiliate Links under the same profile. Check out our 3 minute Step-by-Step video here!

Easy! You will receive a unique ID code for each website you own, allowing you to use the same log-in while managing your sites and their statistics under the same Oshi account.

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Managing Accounts

Links that connect your website to one of our operating website contain a unique tracking code. This code tracks impressions, clicks and records required data such as registrations, deposits made and game play activity by your referred customers at the operator’s site. This activity is recorded in our database and is viewable in your affiliate account.

We use an in-house system to track users referred by your single or multiple campaigns, which links back to your unique referral code; this basic method allows us to differentiate your where a set number of your referrals come from.

You can monitor your daily traffic, earnings and referrals through the Oshi Affiliate Dashboard (instructions in registration video). This section enables you to access detailed summaries of all your affiliate campaigns or view a complete summary of your account’s overall activity/performance.

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Our commission structure varies from one affiliate to another. Commissions range from 17% up to 55% revenue share in exceptional cases. Contact affiliates@oshi.io for more information.

All data, statistics and reports are updated in real time – your progress can be monitored as you wish within your Affiliate Dashboard.

Your commission will be paid into your Oshi Account during the first week of the following month.

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Tools and Assetts

We are able to supply you with a selection of appropriate tools from our Media Assets Archive. Upon special requests, we are also able to supply you with custom marketing material if needed.

Simple, when you go to the Media Archive, you can press the “Get Code” button for the banner that you would like to display. This will include your unique tracking link.

We are very open to your individual creativity with content related to Oshi, providing there are no forms of hostility or negative representation in your chosen content.

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