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Oshi Insurance

by Marko Csokasi in

The aim is in the name. If you feel like you are expecting a few uncertain months, if you want re-assurance that you are looked after when a dry month hits you then the Oshi Insurance is the ideal choice.

We have applied a ‘Rescue Bands’, which acts as coverage to those who tend to go through inconsistent phases. You will be able to earn up to a maximum of 45% Revenue Share, once you find yourself in the Rescue Bands.

If you drop down a Tier from one month to another, we will automatically place you in the complimentary Rescue Bands for the following month so you can catch up on missed earnings.

The Oshi Insurance Bands offer generous Net Revenue Requirements, making it easier for you to hit the higher Tiers and work your way up to 40-45%. You can see for yourself below.

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