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At Oshi you can get the highest commissions, fastest and most secure payments. Once you’ve started with us, you can even switch between commission bundles if you want!

Oshi’s 3 standard commission bundles:

Custom-Build Commission Structures

This bundle offers generous net revenue brackets along with a maximum of 45% achievable revenue share. The Oshi Classic has been specifically created for affiliates who want to stay simple, get things done and get the steady commission flowing.

This commission structure is extremely rewarding with the “higher you go, easier it gets” approach.

Tiers Revenue Share Net Revenue
1 25% Greater than: 0 BTC
2 30% Greater than: 4 BTC
3 35% Greater than: 6 BTC
4 40% Greater than: 7 BTC
5 45% Greater than: 8 BTC

The Oshi ++ was created for Affiliates who are confident in performing at the highest level. If you are here to make some serious bucks, this is definitely the choice for you. The short range of Tiers provides the highest earning potential within our affiliate program up at 55% Revenue Share.

Achieving 55% Revenue Share comes on the back of being consistently in Tier 3 for two months consecutively. As long as you stay in Tier 2 or above for 2 months in a row, the your following month will always be credited an Extra 5%, regardless of performance.

Once you are in the 55% Revenue Share zone, you can stay there for an unlimited amount of time, as long as you do not drop from Tier 3.

Tiers Revenue Share Net Revenue
1 25% Greater than: 0 BTC
2 45% Greater than: 8 BTC
3 50% Greater than: 12 BTC

The aim is in the name. If you feel like you are expecting a few uncertain months, if you want re-assurance that you are looked after when a dry month hits you then the Oshi Insurance is the ideal choice.

We have applied a ‘Rescue Bands’, which acts as coverage to those who tend to go through inconsistent phases. You will be able to earn up to a maximum of 45% Revenue Share, once you find yourself in the Rescue Bands.

If you drop down a Tier from one month to another, we will automatically place you in the complimentary Rescue Bands for the following month so you can catch up on missed earnings.

The Oshi Insurance Bands offer generous Net Revenue Requirements, making it easier for you to hit the higher Tiers and work your way up to 40-45%. You can see for yourself below.

Tiers Revenue Share Basic Net Revenue Rescue Band Net Revenue
1 20% Greater than: 0 BTC
2 25% Greater than: 2 BTC
3 30% Greater than: 4 BTC
4 35% Greater than: 5 BTC Greater than: 0 BTC
5 40% Greater than: 6 BTC Greater than: 1 BTC
6 45% Greater than: 2 BTC

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Doing really well with us? Want to change commission packs? It’s easy… Just contact Marko, your affiliate manager and he’ll work out the best commission pack for you. Contact Marko here.